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University of Cumbria Presentation September 2016

On Tuesday 20 September I was given the opportunity to visit the University of Cumbria to deliver a presentation to a range of business student’s, including international students and local undergraduates, at their Lancaster campus.

As of September the University have expanded their range of business management programmes and are proud to now offer an Accounting and Finance degree among the cohort of business related degrees already available.

Accountants don’t usually get asked to speak at such events as we have a reputation of being dull and uninspiring, so they must have heard I am not the typical accountant!

The purpose of the presentation was to give students an inspirational and aspirational start to their studies and to do this I decided to share my own story with them.

From a young age a work ethic was instilled upon me, seeing my dad deliver milk from 4am each morning, seven days a week and successfully run a business, I grew up knowing hard work gets results.  I left school when I was 16 and completed a multi-skilled engineering apprenticeship before going on to achieve a degree in Electronic Engineering.  It was then I decided I wanted to change and forge a career in accountancy.  Starting at the very bottom of the career ladder my role included filing and cleaning up, but I knew what my ultimate goal was so whatever job I was given I always put 110% effort into it.  That was the message I wanted to give to the students and for anyone reading this article.

If you commit yourself to hard work and put the effort in you will succeed and you will be rewarded.  Think about the options you have but don’t worry if you suddenly think you are on the wrong route, you can try something different, but you need to work at it.

The audience I hope benefited hugely from hearing about my story.  By giving them an insight into real experiences I hope I have inspired the students to start off their studies motivated and determined.

I am very honoured to be associated with the University of Cumbria and am proud to see the Business School continually develop and achieve great things.

David Allen

Posted: September 21st, 2016

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