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Using IT to inject productivity into your business

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The IT infrastructure of your business will either boost or hinder employee productivity.  As managers or business owners, the productivity of each of your employees is paramount and managing this can often be challenging.  A good manager will find ways in which an employee’s performance can be monitored in such a way that they don’t feel micro-managed.  But how can you use your IT systems to help?

Here are some ways that technology can improve productivity in your business:

Website surfers

Your employees tend to ‘look busy’, especially when tapping away on a computer for hours, but are they busy doing the tasks you think they are doing?

For staff with open access to the internet on a daily basis, safe and efficient monitoring systems can be beneficial.  Monitoring software allows you to track data to ensure that employees are not accessing time-wasting websites during working hours.  Importantly, you can also check that they are not using the web for any illegal activity.

These reporting solutions don’t need to be expensive, and in the long run, savings in terms of gained productivity could save your business thousands.

Snail’s pace hardware

We all know how frustrating a slow laptop or PC can be.  Sluggish IT systems will both drain your staff’s precious time and decrease their enthusiasm.  Working on dated, underperforming hardware can be really frustrating.  We all know time means money to businesses.

Knowing what hardware your business needs to run efficiently is not the simplest of tasks.  Different businesses have different needs, for which different technologies are available.  You need the right equipment for the job to ensure that you are not paying for performance you will simply never use.

The right software

Our experience has shown us that many businesses are using the wrong product to complete a certain task, just because ‘that’s the way they have always done it’.  We have seen Microsoft Excel heavily used as a database product, which it simply isn’t.  People often use Microsoft Word to hold lists of email addresses for contacts then inefficiently copy them into Outlook – something the software simply isn’t designed for.

If your business is reliant on a certain piece of software to keep you up and running, you need to ensure that software is supported.  Purchasing the right software and keeping that software up-to-date is vital to a business.  If that software stops working, does your business also grind to a halt?


Increasingly, businesses now operate from more than one location.  Some are UK-wide, some even worldwide so having connectivity to and from different branch offices is critical to ensure that time-centric data is updated quickly and efficiently to head office.

Storing your company’s information centrally on servers within a data centre, utilising technologies such as remote and virtual desktops and Virtual Private Networks (VPN’s) will keep your business connected.


No matter what technological solution you put into place, there will always be that someone in your team who seems to miss that all important announcement!

It is essential that businesses have the tools in place to allow for effective internal communication for the entire workforce.  Apart from face-to-face meetings and the telephone, email is probably the most popular and most efficient way for staff to communicate across different departments, even if those offices are in the same physical location.  With technology advancing you can also expect to see an increase in instant messaging and video links through software like Google Hangouts or Skype for Business.

On the go

The ability to allow flexible working for your staff so that they can work effectively from any location is a real benefit to employers.   When workers are no longer reliant on their office base or a specific location to complete their work they save precious time.  Technology now allows workers to collaborate in real time, giving everyone access to the information they need, when they need it.

How can we help?

David Allen IT Solutions offer bespoke and comprehensive IT support for businesses.  Our experts will support your business when something goes wrong, and offer you proactive advice and solutions to increase productivity in your business.

Our partnerships with leading hardware and software suppliers such as Dell and Microsoft mean we can offer you the products your business needs at reduced costs. We also take care of all the licensing for these products.

Our team will take the time to understand your business and offer you the right solutions to see you achieve your business goals both now and in the future.

Contact us today by filling out our contact form or ring us on 01228 711888 to take advantage of your free IT business review.




Posted: February 15th, 2017

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