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We do more than debt recovery…

David Allen Recovery Solutions are more than just debt recovery specialists, we offer a full bespoke package to every client. Below are a few examples of the different services we offer…

A farming company contacted us after reading our newsletter and asked us to assist with a forward contract.  The bare bones of the matter was that a forward contract had been agreed at a favourable exchange rate with no margin payment.  The company then cancelled the contract as no margin payment had been received and after tough negotiations we secured the contract for our client saving approximately £30,000 and a long expensive court case.

A private landlord contacted us following a referral, he had a tenant who had not paid rent for several months and the property was in poor condition.  We served a Section 8 Notice informing the tenant that we intended to take court action to remove them from the property and seek an order for the rent arrears and costs.  This action was successful and within five weeks of receiving our client’s instructions, the property was vacated, and the rent arrears and costs were being paid by instalments.

We received instructions from a young lady notifying us that she had recently given notice to her employer and the employer was refusing to pay her holiday entitlement.  We sent a letter to the employer and they are now negotiating a settlement.

Other services we offer are:

  • a comprehensive Credit Control Pack that is available to assist small businesses
  • a Landlord Pack that contains everything a private landlord will require to rent their property
  • conducting company credit reports, trace reports, applying for charging orders, attachment of earnings orders, serving statutory demands, winding-up petitions and bankruptcy petitions
  • assisting with mis-sold financial products such as PPIs and interest rate swaps.

Often it is as simple as getting a third party involved in order for you to recover what’s owed to you.

If you would like a free consultation or have any questions about our services please contact the Recovery Solutions team on 01228 713070.

Posted: September 5th, 2014

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