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What is financial planning?

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Financial planning means different things to different people depending on their stage of life.  Whether you are planning to purchase a house, save to support your children’s education or your retirement, or if you are simply looking to review your general finances, it doesn’t matter how much money you have, or even how much you don’t have – everyone should make a financial plan for the future.

Good financial management is all about living within your means, putting a little aside for the short term, and always considering your plans for the longer term.

Where to start?

Making a budget is a great place to start!  Look clearly at how much you have got coming in and how much you have got going out.  This is the basis to any good plan and means that you set off in the right direction with complete clarity over your position and how to get to your end goals.

Plan, plan, plan

This doesn’t have to be as onerous as you might think.  At David Allen Financial Services, our advisers are independent.  Being independent means that we search the whole of the market for you to find the product for your individual needs.

We will guide you through each stage of your financial journey, from creating your plan to clearing your debts, or helping you to prepare for a wealthy retirement.

Once your plan is in place, we can offer you continued help and support and will work with you to update your plan as your life journey progresses, working with you every step of the way to realise your goals.

Take care of your financial future and contact a member of our team today for a free financial review.

Posted: September 4th, 2015

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