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What to do if you download a virus…

David Allen

If a virus gets downloaded will I be able to get rid of it or is all my data now compromised?

If you have accidently downloaded a virus on to your computer you need to make sure you remove it straight away before it can do any harm.  However, please remember that just because your computer has a virus, it does not always mean that the data stored on your computer has been hacked.  If you find yourself with a virus, the first thing you should do is disconnect from the internet.  Once you have disconnected you can run antivirus and antimalware tools on your computer – a great clean up tool is Malwarebytes which can be downloaded for free.  You will need to run a full scan of your system which will identify any issues with your machine.  Once that scan has finished, it is best practice to run a secondary scan to ensure that the first scan has removed the infection, perform the same steps but this time use different antivirus software.

If you find yourself continuing to have problems you can call David Allen IT Solutions who will help resolve any issues.  Our team can install antivirus software on to your computer to eliminate any problems with viruses, for more information contact our IT experts on 01228 711888.

Posted: October 29th, 2015

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