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Who Dares Wins – an audience with Ant Middleton

Who Dares Wins - an audience with Ant Middleton

Following the inaugural thank you night in 2016, the Financial Services team were keen to continue with the same format that had worked so well two years prior; a relaxed, informal event with no sales pitch and two speakers with subjects that were totally unrelated, and yet equally as passionate about what they do.

Thursday 1 November, The Halston played host as the perfect venue for an event of this type, the buffet and canapes were an excellent addition to the format of the evening.  A number of the David Allen team across the group were also in attendance along with the invited guests.

Who Dares Wins - an audience with Ant Middleton 1Who Dares Wins - an audience with Ant Middleton 2

Neal Bailey, the first speaker of the evening, presents to financial advisers all over the country and is well versed at delivering a balanced representation of current market activity, whilst ensuring the content is kept light hearted and humorous.  This was important given that much of his subject matter was relevant to the attendees’ and indeed the products and services recommended by David Allen Financial Services.

After a hearty dinner and a chance for our guests to get to know each other, we welcomed our second speaker of the evening.  After reading Ant Middleton’s book, witnessing his work on television, Steve Balmer, Managing Director of Financial Services felt that Ant’s ethos about teamwork, positive mindset and attitude, was a perfect fit for the message he wanted to portray to guests.  “I see the whole relationship that we have within our business and with our clients as key, and that we are one big team.  By working together with a positive attitude, we can achieve great things”.  Ant Middleton did not disappoint and made sure to engage with clients and make them feel part of the night.

From the success of the first thank you night two years ago, the event illustrates just how far the business has grown and the journey Financial Services are undertaking.  The feedback we have received from our clients has been fantastic, and now we face the challenge of making the next event bigger and better, whilst ensuring that business does not lose sight of the message, which is to ultimately thank our clients and make them feel part of the growth of our business.

Who Dares Wins - an audience with Ant Middleton 3

Posted: November 9th, 2018

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