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Workplace pensions and auto enrolment seminar

Yesterday, Thursday 22 May, we held our Workplace Pension and Auto Enrolment seminar at Rheged, near Penrith.  Experts from David Allen collaborated with Employment Law specialists from Avensure to provide our guests with all of the information they need to know in relation to auto enrolment.

The seminar gave our guests the opportunity to not only learn all about auto enrolment and what it means to them and their employees but also to ask more specific questions with relation to their own businesses circumstances.

I kicked off the seminar by explaining what auto enrolment actually is, why it is happening and how this will affect employers.  Andrew Drummond from Avensure then went on to go in to more detail on the legal obligations of employers with relation to these changes.

After a short coffee break Jill Hetherington from our Employer Services team explained how the payroll process will be effected by the new legislation and detailed how her team can relieve the burden. 
Finally Lucy Metcalf spoke about the importance of making a Will thus ensuring an individual’s estate or a business is protected into the future

After taking some final questions from our attendees, the presentation drew to a close.  All of the speakers then took one-on-one questions from those that had stayed behind.  Each situation and each business is unique so it was fantastic to have the opportunity to give our guests a more personal insight in to how the new legislation will impact upon them and their businesses.

Auto enrolment is something that is here and isn’t going away so it was wonderful to have the opportunity to help employers understand their obligations and show them how auto enrolment need not be something to worry about.

Rheged is a great venue and the event was really positive and well received.  If you are interested in hearing about other events such as this then please contact or call 01228 711888.

Posted: May 22nd, 2015

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